Sunday, August 10, 2008

Ahhh Summer

Most of our time when not at work is spent enjoying the summer months. Out camping in the new tent trailer or spending the weekends out at camp. Warm sun, warm water great family makes for some good times. Spent the weekend in the water, tubing behind the boat, snorkling for fish with the kids, water skiing and paddling the surfboard preparing for the upcoming season. Caught some fish Saturday night. Most people are out for the largest fish. The photo below is smallest bass ever caught. If you think he is small you should have seen the hook I used! The dogs watching the fish swim by, a favourite pastime. The buzzing and whizzing of the humming birds fighting over the feeders. All of these spell summer. Hopefully tommorrow will provide some excellent photos of the perseid meteor shower, heres hoping.

All photos taken by John Marchant