Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Summer Surf

Taking full advantage of the SW winds we have been getting, a small group of us headed out to catch some little waves in the setting sun. Aidan was pumped to finally get to go surfing, the waves were the perfect size for him. After paddling around and playing in the water I set him up on my board and he caught many waves during the evening. Had a few tandom rides with me and with Winston. At the end of the evening as the sun was going down we left satisfied and ready for more.

This shot snagged from a video from my onboard surf cam. GoPro HD. (Yes those are goggles he is wearing)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Season opener

Early morning call to surf on Sunday. Lke buoy reads 9.2 feet at 8:00am. Load up the car with boards and suits, pick up Liam and hit the road. Some mechanical troubles with Mark's ride made a short delay. Checked out the usual spots. Sets were coming in overhead and blowing hard. Beautiful day, the lake was warm the sun was out and the waves were plentiful.