Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Closeup Glass.

For you viewing pleasure here are some closeup shots of some beauts. This is what California is and was.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Lets just surf...

All right, all right we went to california to surf and surf we did. The trip was more of a surf boot camp, don't get mixed signals here, it was awsome. We awoke every morning about 5 am to hit a dawn partrol at trestles or salt creek. Surfed for about three hours then hit a little breakfast place called the 'Sugar Shack'. Filled the void in our stomaches and cured the cravings for protein. Hit up some of the local surf shops and headed out for surf session number 2 for the day. We surfed for another three hours or so then headed back to the campsite for some refreshment in the form of a Pacifico bottle. Spent some time relaxing only to head out for the third session of the day. We surfed until the sun went down and the sharks came out. Enjoy and repeat, all week long. So here are some pictures from those sessions.

Friday, November 21, 2008


I was reading an article on the web yesterday that talked of earthquakes in southern California. It stated that for the week we were camping San Clemente there were over 400 earthquakes recorded and several of those over 3.0. Now staying at the San Mateo campground sleeping on the hard sand floor I thought that maybe we would feel something. Upon second thought it was realized that with camp pendelton bombing, shooting, artillery and Liam's snoring it is near impossible to tell the difference from an earthquake.

While in Cali myself and Colin had to at least trunk it once, being lake surfers and all. My day was on Thursday. I paddled out mid afternoon amongst all of the rubber clad surfers in my pale white outfit, Boardshots only. After several confused looks from locals, someone finally said 'your gonna get cold sittin there'. I was actually not that cold, no colder than the lake in the summer. (about 61F) While we were waiting for some waves we noticed that the dolphins from the day before were back. It must be mentioned that the day before a couple of fins arose from the water about 6 to 8 feet from me on an early morning dawn patrol. My brain was telling me that they were dolphins, but my body telling me to get the hell out of there. After I casually turned around and started paddling for shore, Colin was yelling 'they are only dolphins...'. As I calmed myself down searched for any loose terds in my wetsuit, I sat back and enjoyed the sight of them. Anyway back to my original thought, as I was sitting on my board I was thinking that this may only be a once in a lifetime chance so I started repeatedly slapping the water in hopes to call the dolphins over. (like they do in Seaworld) It did not take very long before about 6 dolphins came right over to me. Probably attracted to the bright white object in the water. The dophins swam and fished around me under me and looked me eye to eye. It was amazing to understand first hand the gentle playfull nature and curiosity. I could have at any one time reached out and grabbed one. I thought of jumping in completely and see if they would swim with me. But I did'nt. The dolphins hung out with me for about ten minutes before continuing on with their journey. Before they left completed they caught a few waves with us. Colin actually rode a wave beside one of the dolphins. An amazing experience.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The day after

After the big NW windstorm we experienced on Sunday, Monday dawn patrol was looking very promising. We awoke to the pleasant sound of "Colin... Colin... Colin... Colin... Liam... Liam... Liam... Liam...". Packed up the car and our gear cranked the heat and headed out toward Salt Creek. Music playin crusin down the Pacific Coast Highway we hoped that the wetsuits would soak up some degree of heat. Upon arrival at Salt Creek we witnessed head high peeling barrels. Offshore winds waves of glass. Suited up and hit the water. Talent was in water full force. Colin got barreled. Nice! check out the pics below.

Liam riding clean

Winston goin deep right.

Colin gettin some Salt Creek barrel.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cali day 1

We awoke bright and early on Sunday to meet the northwest wind howling onshore. The decision was made to hit up Salt Creek. When we arrived it looked much like the lake, windblown unorganized waves pounding the shore. We surfed it anyway even with the ocean sized bombs coming in. We then went to San Mateo campground and set up home base. After a while we changed things up and went to Surfers Beach. The current, waves and white water were almost an inpenetrable force. Liam got closely aquainted with the nuclear power station. Some rides were had and headed back to the campsite tired and ready for the next session.

Monday, November 17, 2008

California Buzz

We left for our trip to Southern California on Nov 8 and got home early morning Nov 14. The trip was fantastic. There are many stories, waves, experiences and more during the week that we were there. I took in all, about 2900 pictures. Pictures of surf, countryside, birds, campground anything to help remember all that the trip was. There is some fantastic talent in the water on the west coast and in posts yet to come I will give credit to some of these unkown surfers. Come back often for many updates as I cannot add everything now. To start with, here is a picture of what we had to put up with early morning every day.