Sunday, August 30, 2009

Highs and Lows

Well Saturday turned out to be a pretty good day of surf. Caught up to Winston, Liam and Mark and rode some nice waves. The sets were coming in unpredictalby at times but there were enough to fill the stoke all around. I coasted on the stoke all day today feelin real good about myself until I decided to bounce on the trampoline with my snowboard. It was going well until I tried a 360 grab and when I landed I felt something pop in my repaired knee. Now I am lying in bed with Ice on it and hoping that I did nothing major to upset this years surf season. In the words of napolean dynamite "...Idiot!"

Friday, August 21, 2009

Season Opener

The surf season is upon us. End of August winds have allowed me to surf at the cottage 4 times this week. Last night, however, was the season opener because I travelled to 121 and rode waves until dark. That makes 5 surf sessions in the last week.
I arrived at 121 to current free, windless clean sets rolling in. I ended up surfing solo for 2 1/2 hours in a peaceful rainy adventure. The waves were waist high with the odd, near chest high sets. I rode my 8'4" all night until the end. When I switched to my 10'0" I had one ride that was about 100 yards long. All in all it was a fantastic evening.

Friday, August 14, 2009


A long ride on the ATV today with kids. A long visit in the bush. I love this time of year when the mushrooms are just starting out. The berries are ripe for the pickin and the sun shines lower through the trees. Stopped to take a few pictures on the way. Later in the day ended up out at the cottage on Lakeshore for a paddle. Met up with Winston and Sarah. We all went, and my son was swimmin like a fish. Soon after a few hours in the water, a nice roaring fire was needed to burn off the damp as the sun set upon another beatiful August day.

The King of the under forest

A Little bit of ocean reef around every turn.

Fannin the flames to burn off the damp.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Went out exploring to get a good view of the Perseids meteor shower last night. Althought I did not see much action, I photographed even less. I think I counted maybe eight meteors before the moon appeared in the noth eastern sky. I did however get a shot of the rising quarter moon in all its crimson glory.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Remembering Colder Days

With the hot weather today I feel it is important to look back on some of those colder days. Like the picture below. Dawn patrol Jan 25, 2008, air temp -22c water temp 2c. The mist off the lake giving the illusion of warmth. Heres to those cold wavy days ahead.

Monday, August 3, 2009


I brought my son out to go surfing for the first time on his new board. The winds were in the 30 knot range and the waves were coming from the southwest. A quick trip to the camp and a squeeze into the wetsuits had us ready to start a new beginning. To me, the waves were small nearly unridable. But a little change of persepective and I soon realized that they were very intimidating to a person that is just over four feet high. we paddled (I pushed him out while he was lying on his board) out into the larger surf. He caught a few, spilled on a few and it was a good introduction to his new passion (I hope). As I watched him lie on his board and ride the waves I noticed that the waves were chest to head high on him. I do have to give him credit, it was pouring rain, the sky was grey and the lake looked very menacing.

I soon started to think, what is a Grom? A young person starting out in surfing? If we think about this a little further we can agree that we are all groms. As we enter the surfing world we look out at those that are better and faster. Those that ride the larger and faster waves. We think to ourselves that one day that will be me. As we grow and our skills get honed, we look forward to larger faster waves. Always looking up to someone, in a magazine or a friend that rips. As we advance and ride those waves we start looking at surf trips. Try different surf spots different continents. All the while advancing and pushing our skills to the limit. Accepting a challenge no matter what. It shows us that in the bigger picture we are all learning, we are all in our own way groms, regardless of age and regadless of skills.

Watching my son enforced the paralells of surfing and life. When he took a wave over the back of his head, I reminded him to never turn his back on the waves. There will always be a bigger wave and when you least expect it the outside set will come crashing through. Always face what is coming at you and maybe one day you will catch that outside set and have the ride of your life. Just remember to keep looking forward and there will always be a new challenge.