Sunday, February 28, 2010


Gold! Mens hockey wins gold. It was an amazing 16 days of competition, and I think that Vancover did a fantastic job! It has been a very entertaining couple of weeks and at the end of it all Canada now has the record for most gold of any country in olympic history, 14 gold. Third place overall in the metal standings. Congratulations.

I am proud to be Canadian!

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Well I have decided to take off a few days from work that were left over from last year. Today I went out first thing this morning to visit 121 nice and early. A beautiful day, sun shinning and a balmy -18c. The idea was to get some good light and play with my cameras, go for a swim and a paddle and experiment with the GoPro. When I arrived the lake was a nice calm with the occasional swell rolling in nice and clean. Ice was forming in chunks and filling shore. I walked around taking a few shots and decided that it was time to get in the water. So I suited up and set up the GoPro on my camera wand. As I was paddling around experimenting with different perspectives I noticed that the waves were breaking slightly farther out from shore. Now there really was'nt any size to them, the largest was just over knee high, just. Anyway not having surfed in 5 weeks I started to paddle for one and caught it with the camera wand dangling from my wrist. I then decided to go to shore and get the camera stand to attach to my surf board. As I ran up the shore I waved to the dude that is living in the shanty town there and setup my camera mounted directly to my surf board. The video below is from today, the waves were not big but they were clean as clean could be. I could not have asked for a nicer day. Absolute beauty.

The view between the rocks and the air.

A different perspective than what we are used to.

A ride on the knee high sets.

Heading Home.

Done for the day and now its time to go to the barn and ride our horse. All of the above photos and video were taken with the amazingly awsome GoPro HD Hero camera.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Another View

here is anoth shot from under the ice, kinda like the last thing the fish see's.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Well I have not had any surf for over 4 weeks so living in the great white north there are many different passtimes. I have been keeping busy, ice fishing, snowboarding and sledding. I went out ice fishing on the weekend. I was hoping for sunny conditions nature dished out some snow and overcast skies. I did not think that there would be enough light under the ice but I was quite surprised at how lite up the ice actually is. The video attached is a different perspective to ice fishing. Here is what the fish see when someone is drilling a hole through the 3 foot thick ice.

enjoy, I think its kinda cool. Have I mentioned how much I love the new camera!