Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Alaia 2

It has been a major dry spell in what are usually the best days for surf. Lots of daylight, warm sun and fresh cool water. But in the waning hours of daylight it has been three weeks and no surf. Soooooo, when the wind won't make waves, we make boards. This is Alaia number 2. Liam liked what he saw and we glued up some planks. Last night the glue was dry and about two and a half hours later... voila.
Note the foam board in the background bottom left, just waitin for some glassin. It's been a busy season for the ole surfshack, I still have another 6'5" to shape for myself and I am newly inspired to make another Alaia. This next one will take some time, but when its done... ouuwiee... it will be more of a work of art that you can surf on. hopefully.

Shapin the Alaia, Liam style.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


In the long dry windless weeks gone by I decided to make my first Alaia board. After about two and a half hours in the garage it was done. I glued up four boards in about 8 minutes using pipe clamps and polyurthane waterproof glue. Traced out the pattern the next day and cut it out using a simple scroll saw. I then planed the shape into the board with a power planer. After planing the board I then sanded with 80 grit, 150, and then 220 grit. After the sanding was done I put a coat of water based UV indoor/outdoor diamond coat varathane. After all was said and done it took about two and a half hours.

The board itself is 6'8" long 7/8" thick and 17" wide. It is made out of western red cedar. It is heavier than I thought it would end up, but it is manageable. Now all we need are some waves to try this little baby out.